Interstim @ 35

interstim-with-leadHello, my name is Marcia Salazar and I am a 35 year old mother of one and a full time career woman. Two years ago I began to experience difficulties urinating in the sense that my bladder could not release. I struggled everyday spending hours sitting on the toilet praying for a release. Pathetic.

Six months ago my bladder called it quits on me for good and a catheter became my best friend. After a series of tests conducted and physical therapy it was recommended that I consider the Interstim procedure. It is now November 25th and I am eight days away from my first surgery.

I decided to start a blog on this experience after seeking a second opinion which resulted in the same outcome. Urinary retention causing bladder pressure, muscle spasms, frequent urination and pelvic pain categorized as a Neurogenic Bladder without an explanation to the cause. I find it difficult to grasp that at the age of 35 my bladder has quit functioning for an unknown reason.

My objective is to raise awareness and entice the medical research field to further examine medical studies on Neurogenic Bladders on young women.